Outstanding Transmission Repairs

Trust Our Auto Technicians for Your Vehicle's Transmission Problems

When you feel your car or truck begin to shake while driving or feel the gears slipping or grinding, then you know you have a transmission problem. Our knowledgeable auto technicians have the know-how to rebuild and replace transmissions for both automatic and manual vehicles. We're committed to quality.

We have 23 years of experience providing solid repair work for customers in the Sikeston, MO and the surrounding areas. Bring your vehicle to us for suspension repair, air-conditioning and heating diagnostics, and more.
Transmission Repair

Choose From Our Manual and Automatic Transmission Repairs

  • Transmission rebuilds or replacements
  • Transmission repairs
  • Manual transmission
  • Automatic transmission
  • Clutch work
  • Transmission resealing
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Filter change
  • Torque converter replacements
Call us for dependable transmission repairs.
Brad's Rebuild has a reputation for providing competent repairs for foreign and domestic cars, light-duty trucks, and diesels. You rely on us for dependable car repairs.
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